Dr.-Valson-AbrahamRev. Dr. T. Valson Abraham

Welcome! This is your time of opportunity. Look at your time at India Bible College & Seminary as a time of spiritual formation and preparation. Let IBC & Seminary prepare your mind to think. How you think will affect everything else that you do. The Bible tells us that as a man thinks, so he is.

This is also your opportunity to fulfill your godly purpose. You will cultivate disciplines to help you obey the Great Commission. You will make this a place of prayer, where you will speak to the Lord and listen to His voice.

Take the opportunity to come under the tutelage of godly counselors and the Holy Spirit. Take the opportunity to meet people who will become your lifelong friends. You will find rules and regulations to maintain order and give you fruitful lives and ministries.

You will be evaluated through tests and exams. Your behavior will be evaluated to increase your effectiveness. You will be exposed to people with different ministry callings. But also come for fun because the Lord wants you to enjoy life as you work. There will be time to relax and engage in sports. God bless you as you begin your adventure this year. Welcome to the IBC & Seminary family.