The extension education studies is a three year degree program offering B.Th / Dip.Th, with a minimum of 32 courses/papers for private candidates. The candidates shall present themselves for all the required contact classes when and where they are conducted.

The IBC Extension Program is designed for those who have the desire to learn the Bible systematically but have no opportunity of going to a Bible college. The aim of this program is to equip the believers with sound biblical and theological knowledge so that they may become partners in God’s mission. The courses prepared will help the students to be scripturally and academically sound, oriented towards ministry and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Degrees Offered

B.Th. in English & Dip.Th. in Malayalam

Minimum qualifications required for B.Th. is P.D.C or +2 and for Dip.Th is S.S.L.C. Application for these courses may be submitted to the coordinator by 20th April each year.


Application Form

India: Rs. 50/-
Gulf Countries: Rs. 200/-
U.S.A: $ 15/-

Course Fee

The College will provide the notes for each Course. The fee for each paper will be as follows

India: Rs.200/-
Gulf Countries: Rs. 500/-
U.S.A: $ 50/-

For the notes, the fee is to be sent to the office in advance

Duration: The program is designed for three years during which the candidate must complete all course requirements. However, registration for the program will be effective for five years, within which all the examinations must be cleared. If any paper is pending beyond that, the candidate must register afresh.

Contact Class: The college will conduct contact classes before the commencement of each semester examination. The dates for the same will be announced in advance.

Examination: The college will conduct examinations each semester and the grades will be sent to the candidates. For those unable to come to IBC & Seminary, the examination can be arranged at approved regional centers on special requests from the candidates.

Assignments: Each course will have two graded assignments. The course syllabus will specify details regarding the same.

The Grading System

The progress of study will be indicated by a numerical/letter grade as follows

First Class

A+ (80% and above)

A (75%)

A- (70%)

Second Class

B+ (65%)

B (60%)

B- (55%)

Third Class

C+ (50%)

C (45%)

C- (40%)

Grading system for examination is 75% and assignments 25%.

To graduate, all course requirements must be completed. Students who fail to score a minimum ‘C’ grade for each course will have to retake that examination.


First Year

First Semester

  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • History of Christianity up to 600 AD
  • Theology I
  • Introduction to Pastoral Epistles

Second Semester

  • Synoptic Gospels with Emphasis on the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Pentateuch
  • Introduction to Christian Education
  • A Detailed Study of the Book of John
  • Discipleship
Second Year

First Semester

  • A General Study of Poetical Books
  • A General Study of Pauline Epistles
  • History of Israel
  • Theology II
  • Cross Cultural Mission

Second Semester

  • Major World Religions
  • Introduction to Mission and Evangelism
  • History of Christianity in India
  • Book of Acts with Emphasis on Pauline Mission
  • General Epistles
Third Year

First Semester

  • Book of Hebrews
  • Foundations of Church Growth & Church Planting
  • History of Reformation
  • Christian Ethics
  • Hermeneutics
  • Leadership and Church Administration

Second Semester

  • A General Study of Poetical Books with special reference to Psalms
  • Theology III
  • Pastoral Care and Counselling
  • Modern Religions and Secular Movements in India
  • Prophetic Movements in Israel with special reference to the 8th Century Prophets
  • History and Doctrines of Pentecostal Churches

Application form

Download the application form – English

All correspondence regarding Extension Program must be sent to:

The Coordinator,
Extension Program,
India Bible College,
Hebron, Kumbanad – 689 547,
Kerala, India.