A. Class Work

The normal study hours for students is a minimum of 25 credit periods a week out of which 22 are class periods of 50 minutes each, and the rest library study. Normally, a student is required to do 1 ½ to 2 hours of study in preparation for each period of class.

35% of each semester’s grade will be allotted for class attendance and behaviour, assigned reading, essays or paper-presentations, class tests, note taking, etc. Completion and passing of class work is mandatory to qualify for the final examination. Incomplete class work shall be awarded an “F” (fail) for the subject, and the student will have to re-do the assigned work. Class attendance is mandatory.

B. Final Examination

Semester examinations are administered by the office of the Academic Board and cover the total work of a semester. In case of failure in final examinations, the student will be allowed to appear for a retake examination by paying Rs. 50/- per paper.

The maximum grade, possible on the retake exam, is a “B” grade. However, students failing in three or more subjects a semester will have to re-do the semester, paying full fees. They will also lose their scholarships, and their continuation of the course will be based on improvement shown.

A candidate shall be required to pass both class work and final examinations, securing a minimum of 40% each.

C. Grading System

First Class

A+ (80% and above)
A (75%)
A- (70%)

Second Class

B+ (65%)
B (60%)
B- (55%)

Third Class

C+ (50%)
C (45%)
C- (40%)


Written examination – 65%
Assignments (including all class work) – 30%
Class participation and Behaviour – 5%